My Small Haul!

As i stated before in my last posts,spare time  has been rather elusive this week with everything that’s been going on.I was however ,able to snag up a couple of  items that I’ve  had my eyes on for a bit now.You’ll notice that one of the items is none other than the infamous “awkward hand attachment gun holding thingamajig” Retaliation Roadblock.Sorry guys but i had to do it lol!I know he’s got limited articulation and a ridiculously large weapon that connects to an even more ridiculous looking permanent hand attachment,but i just love this figure!The sculpt is bad a#$ IMO and i can’t wait to stand him next to my Heavy Duty and Gung Ho figures.Next up is Transformers Prime Wheeljack.What caught my eye when i saw this guy on the pegs at Wal-Mart was the throwback design and the sword accessories.I like this line of TF’s and will probably pick up a couple more from it in the near future.Last we have a 3 pack of Marvel comics that i found at a local Family Dollar for $2.50.Reading comics can be very relaxing and a nice way to take the edge off of a rough day,and while these aren’t premium comics they should serve their purpose.So there you have it guys!I apologize for the lack of commenting and replies on my part and hopefully things will get back to normal around here so i can get this blog thing rolling again 😉


14 responses to “My Small Haul!

  1. Cool grabs Tony and i keep looking at the Red Ninjas from this line and i can not decide if i want to pull the trigger and get a couple of them yet. I keep hoping to find some of those Dollar General Joes for the both us but no luck yet.

    • Thanks jb!I’m not sure If I’m digging the lack of insignia on the Wheeljack figure,though.If the same holds true for the rest of the figures in this line then I might just abandon ship.Luckily i still have it in it’ it’s original packaging in case I decide to return it.I’ve been looking gor those DG Joes too jb.I read in a forum that they can also be found hanging off of shelves in the junkfood section.

  2. I JUST got my computer back from the shop….A little slow in Mexico….But hey I had to come here! Great grabs! I have ONE GI Joe figure that I picked up in TX. The Jungle Viper. That Roadblock-Rock figure looks great!
    I got a haul too! Mexico finally lowered the prices for a sale from eighteen dollars a figure to seven!!! Picked up the Crossbones figure I have seen here on your blog. and 12 others. Getting into the 3 inch figure line is tough but rewarding.

    • Thanks BANE 😉 Nice find with the Jungle Viper,those are super hard to find out here,and so is Crossbones!Yeah there are so many 3 3/4 lines of figures, it’s hard to concentrate on just one.But before you know it your shelves will be packed with them because they are so darn collectible.Dude you gotta start up your own blog.If you ever do I’ll post about it and see if we can generate some traffic for ya 🙂

    • Just go to WordPress or BANE.Everything you’ll need to get started is right there and it’s free!It will take a little bit to get used to at first but you won’t regret starting up the blog once you get the hang of it 😉

  3. Can you smell what Roadblock is cooking?
    Doesn’t have quite the same draw…lol.
    Cool pickups. I can’t decide if I like Transformers Prime or not…let alone the toy line. 😦

    • You gotta stop sneakin’ up on me like that Big D 😉 I actually returned in my Wheeljack and picked up a Mechtech Bumblebee figure which was about 5 bucks left and equally cool IMO.I just couldn’t bring myself to owning a Transformers figure with no faction symbol,It’s just not right.I hear the Japanese versions of TF’s Prime come with decals so I may go that rout.
      BTW-Nice to hear from you again 🙂

      • They get all the cool stuff in Japan. I don’t see the reason that they think they need to change the original product when they ship it to other countries. 😦

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