Transformers Haul

A while back i received a toy package from fellow blogger Jason Vorhees which included a couple of cool Transformers figures,Brimstone and Leo Prime.Since then I’ve been pretty much hooked and recently picked up a DOTM Bumblebee figure which I absolutely love!I had been wanting an Optimus Prime figure as of late but didn’t want to buy the smaller scale and the larger scales were way too pricey.Luckily,while scanning the toy clearance section of a nearby Marshalls, i was able to scoop up a decent sized DOTM  Fireburst Optimus as well as a Generations Wheeljack !Now while I would have preferred the Optimus to be a bit bigger,he still stands taller than my 3 3/4 Joe figures and should look great next to them when i display them side by side.As far as the Wheeljack figure goes,if you recall i had recently returned a TF Prime version of him so i was thrilled to find this one.This is the Wheeljack i know and love from the 80’s cartoon series!The Thundercracker DOTM  fig i picked up at regular price from my local Wal-Mart  and did so more for nostalgia’s sake.I used to own the original G1 version of him as a kid so this one was a must grab.I also needed another Decepticon tp pair up with my Brimstone fig 😉 I’ll be doing separate posts for each of these guys and a couple other 3 3/4  clearance figures i picked up as well in the next couple of days. Enjoy the pics!

8 responses to “Transformers Haul

  1. I can’t believe you found Wheeljack on clearance! Do you know how hard he was to find when he was new?! But Marshall’s is good for this sort of thing. I found my Transformers Animated Voyager Class Skywarp there for like $12-$13(I love that figure). Great score man! And glad I got you addicted to Transformers as well! 🙂

    • I was pretty surprised to find the WJ i wanted,finding figures i want rarely happens lol!If you have a Marshalls nearby,definitely check it out.Transformers DOTM figures seem to be picking up where G.I. Joe ROC left off,littering Marshalls toy clearance section.There were a few Generations as well like a Warpath that i almost snagged up as well.And yes,you have “Allsparked” my interest in TF figs 😉

  2. When I was a kid I got two Transformers….Tried to play with them….It took 15 minutes to transform each of them to have them fight. They were the last transformers I ever bought.

    • I have to say that even these can be a pain in the butt to transform.I’m hoping that i can get to the point where i don’t have to look at the instructions anymore lol!At least the Bumblebee from our generation could be transformed in about 10 seconds.

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