Generator Rex- Van Kleiss w/ Larvus E.V.O.

This guy here is my favorite of the few G.R.  figures i picked up recently.This is Van Kleiss,leader of  a dangerous group of E.V.O.’s called The Pack.Van Kleiss is a scientist who was also exposed to Nanites,in fact when the blast that released these Nanites occurred,Kleiss was in the epicenter of it.Van Kleiss is Rex’s arch-enemy and constantly tries to persuade him to join The Pack but to no avail.Kleiss has the ability to drain Nanites out of any E.V.O.  and can create E.V.O. ‘s as well.

There really aren’t any flaws on this figure.The paint is top notch as well as the sculpt and representation of the character.Van Kleiss has your typical “bad guy” feel to him and literally rules with an iron hand.

If there was one thing i would have liked to see added to this figure,it would be leg articulation.Other than that Van Kleiss is a pretty solid action figure!

Van Kleiss’s E.V.O. is called Larvus.Larvus has the ability to take on a human form and can also transform into a large slug like creature!

Next  we’ll be taking a look at Van Kleiss’s right hand man..errr..E.V.O. Biowulf!