Generator Rex – Biowulf w/ Gila-Fang E.V.O.

Biowulf  is one of  Van Kleiss’s  henchmen and second in command of “The Pack”.He is a cybernetic Wolf-like creature with enhanced senses,speed and agility.At one point Biowulf  took over for Kleiss as leader of “The Pack” and showed great leadership skills while gaining the utmost respect from E.V.O.’s under his command.Biowulf  momentarily joined forces with Rex when the shileld around the “Bug Jar” was down and aided in repairing it.

Another solid figure from MATTEL’S Generator Rex line,Biowulf  is your quintessential bad a#$ henchman.Sporting Lady Deathstrike-like claws and standing a bit taller  shorter than his leader Van Kleiss,Biowulf  is a welcome addition to my collection of Generator Rex figures.This is one of the few characters to feature an articulated abdomen allowing for a wider array of Warewolf- like poses.

Biowullf’s E.V.O. is called Gila Fang.Gila Fang can be found in the “Bug Jar”,a city that has been quarantined due to to a high population of  hostile E.V.O.’s.