Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom – Chief Temple Guard

Keeping the adventure themed ball rolling,here we have  the chief temple guard from the  Indiana Jones toy line. I won this guy on  Ebay for about 2 bucks and some change and the shipping cost was only about 3 bucks!Insane considering the fact that most MOC action figures ship for $6+.Aside from my Indie figure,this is the only other figure from the line that i own although something tells me (actually it’s just me telling myself) it won’t be the last 😉 I have a thing were I have to have at least 3 figures from a toy line to feel like I am properly representing it.Anyways I’m really diggin’ this figure due to the fact that it’s from the 80’s film that i loved so much as a kid.Nothing against the newer films,as the figures from their line are cool as well,  but I just haven’t  seen any of them  in their entirety yet.These I.J.’s figures are detailed to a tee and look very much like their movie counterparts.  If you were wondering,this is the guy who’s pants get caught  in a steam-roller ultimately being pulled in and flattened to death..ouch!Some of the death scenes in these I.J.’s flicks make Mortal Kombat Fatalities look humane.


These I.J. figures come with some pretty cool movie accurate accessories as well as a small box which contains an awesome relic as well as a small collectible picture of it.