Transformers D.O.T.M. – Thundercracker 7/30-8/5

Like I’ve stated in the past,my favoritism towards certain action figures in my collection varies from week to week.There are times where I’ll be  holding an action figure and say to myself “Man,this is one bad a$# figure!”. This past week I’ve been doing that a lot with my Transformers,and right now they stand atop my” favorite action figures right now” list.I’ve already done posts on my DOTM Prime and Bumblebee figures,and this week will be looking at DOTM  Deluxe Class Thundercracker and TF’s Generations  Wheeljack.I’ll be vacationing this week so I’ll try to get the Wheeljack post in on Tuesday before I head out 😉 As far as Thundercracker goes, I’m seriously diggin’ him!The photo of him on the back of the card doesn’t really do the actual figure any justice.I only picked him up because of the Jet mode and how much it reminded me of the G1 version of him I owned as a kid.I didn’t expect to like his robot mode as much as I do now!One of the cool things about these contemporary TF’s is the amount of articulation and pose-ability of them.I was able to get some pretty cool stances out of  Thundercracker  holding his weapons and the menacing look on his robotic chiseled face  is downright spine tingling.There is an anti-heroic presence  about this figure that will have you wanting to take pics of him next to other baddies you may have in your collection.I opted to do a side by side shot with my Resolute Cobra Commander.If you haven’t jumped on the Transformers bandwagon yet i  strongly suggest you do so .The pleasure of looking at these amazingly engineered action figures displayed side by side with other TF’s or any 3 3/4 figures you may have is priceless.They literally stand out and as frustrating as it can be sometimes, transforming these guys will instantly bring you back to your childhood!Enjoy the pics 🙂


8 responses to “Transformers D.O.T.M. – Thundercracker 7/30-8/5

  1. I’m not a fan of the movie figures, but he looks good in jet mode. I like that they kept his overall color scheme, but the thing that turns me off on the seekers in the movies, is how stumpy they look in robot mode. This would be one where i would display it in jet mode, because it looks so awesome!

    • Thanks J!I wasn’t big on the robot mode either but in-hand and after posing him a bit here and there he’s kind of grown on me.I’m wondering if I should go after the Generations version or just have this one as my default.

      • Go for the Generations figure! I have it, and it’s frickin’ awesome. They did a great job on the mold. Both modes look great, and he looks as he did in the cartoon. He was released in the same wave as Wheeljack and I wanted both when I saw them. I ended up finding them at the same time, and didn’t hesitate grabbing both. The new line of Generations(this line is all sorts of awesome, and I have many of them), is looking to be just as awesome! Early next year, we’ll be seeing a Starscream for this line. He was originally released in the classics line years back, so I’m not too sure on how much he’ll differ. But, yeah. Get the Generations Thundercracker! 🙂

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