Most Wanted 3 3/4 Marvel Universe Figures…



Captain America (classic)

Wolverine (brown suit)

Thor (any version except movie)



TF Generations Wheeljack

TF Legends Class Leo Prime

Thundercats 2011  Lion-O and Panthro

2010 Playmates Lucha Libre Tinieblas Jr.

(I will also include a couple of surprise extras with each trade)

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9 responses to “Most Wanted 3 3/4 Marvel Universe Figures…

  1. Hey buddy, I have a Doctor Doom that I can send you. I should have your address on file still. I will send it out on Monday at the latest. If I do not have your contact info saved in my account I will get a hold of you.

  2. I will keep a eye for you on these Tony but my area is really slim on Marvel Universe figures most of the time but maybe i will luck out and find some of these for you.

    And seeing as you have your MU Wanted List here is mine for fun….
    Doctor Doom
    Spider-Man 2099
    Wolverine(Brown Suit)
    Wolverine(Team X edition)
    Captain Steve Rogers
    Red Hulk
    Doc Samson
    Winter Solider(I actually want the First Avenger released one with longer hair)
    Ultimates Captain America

    • Nice list jb,and thanks for keeping an eye open!I’m trying to build up my MU collection to even it out with my Joe collection.In the end those are my two favorite line of figures.

      • I thought a few of the MU figures would cross over well with the Joes like Doctor Doom or Team X Wolverine too so am wanting to build up my collection of them too as i can once again lol.

      • Nice!I always thought Doom and C.C. would make for some great shots.My funds are low right now,if not I’d be picking up those comic packs for 11 bucks left and right 🙂

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