G.I. Joe POC – Cobra Jungle Viper

The Cobra Jungle Viper is another awesome figure from the POC line.This is one of those figures that I would just love to see the concept art for.He sort of has a “Nemesis Enforcer” vibe to him.Don’t know why but to me he just does.If you’re into troop building,then this is the viper to do it with.One Jungle Viper is intimidating enough,imagine an army!You would think that all the jungle stealth armor would take away from his pose-ability but it really doesn’t.Although I picked this guy up back when they first released him,I read somewhere that he recently popped up at a Wal-Mart on clearance.Not 100% sure of the credibility of the story,but it won’t hurt to keep your eyes peeled!

10 responses to “G.I. Joe POC – Cobra Jungle Viper

  1. Pretty cool figure! I do not collect the newer Joes(strictly old-school for me). But this guy is pretty awesome! He sure came with a lot of accessories! But those tree limbs/branches, would be fun to experiment with other figures.

    • Thanks Jason ;)I don’t even know how Hasbro managed to pull this one off.I mean how can a figure have so many accessories attached to him at one time and still be functional.I mean someone really put some thought into this figure and it shows!Quality stuff,Quality.

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