G.I. Joe Spy Troops 2003 – Dart

And here he is ladies and gents,the figure that pulled me into the G.I. Joe Spy Troops line,and his name is Dart!Now don’t let the mediocre almost un-Joe-like name fool you,where this figure lacks in the name department,it more than makes up for it in  aesthetics.I must admit on having a bit of a toy crush  on Dart after seeing him on a Joe site which featured the whole Spy Troops line with reviews on each of them.Here’s that link  http://generalsjoes.com/reviews/archive/spytroops.htm#2packs

I just love the different renditions of characters like Destro and Lady Jaye and new comers like Agent Faces and Dr. Talbot look pretty cool!Dart is my favorite figure of the bunch,by far, and has many similarities to Spirit.For starters both are Native American Trackers and while  Dart  is a little heftier than Spirit,both sport the cool Bravestarr-like pony tail.Another area where this figure shines is in his accessories.I like the guns/pistol he comes with and the knife can be inserted into a holster on Dart’s leg.The coolest accessory ,though,is the Ghillie suit.Other cool details on this figure include the feather on the side of his helmet,the gold eagle chest plate and the G.I. Joe logo on the back of his vest.

12 responses to “G.I. Joe Spy Troops 2003 – Dart

  1. No kidding Kal! Man….Awesome work! That is why I have been trying to get some bases to up my photos as well. Great figure! Hope GI Joe makes it´s way here to Mexico. Hopefully with the new movie that will come to pass.

    • Hey jb!For some strange reason all of your comments went straight to the spam folder.I marked all of them as “not spam” and will be replying to all of them right now buddy 😉

    • I’m really digging this figure right now Kev as well as the whole Spy troops line.I’m just sorry that I never gave this line any attention.I remember seeing the VvV figs at Family Dollar and now I’m kicking myself for not picking any up 😦 Oh well,I think I’m off to a good start with Kamamkura and Dart :)I’m looking to add an Agent Faces,Dr. Talbot and Hi-Tech to my collection when I get the chance.

  2. I could have sworn I did not have Dart, but I was just looking though my box of early 2000’s joes and it turns out I did have him. I just forgot. weird… it just goes to show I have to many toys.

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