Time Hunters! UPDATE

jboypacman over at  http://revengefromthecosmicark.blogspot.com/  came up with a great idea to create his own  custom team of heroes made up of different action figures in his collection and put the word out for other bloggers to do the same.I quickly began to brainstorm and came up with the “Time Hunters!”.Why “Time Hunters” you ask?Well because they are time travelers transcending time and space in search of lost  civilizations,recruiting only the fiercest and most resilient subjects along the way.Those who have what it takes  will have the privilege of  joining Captain Sparrow and the “Time Hunters” on countless missions and time traveling adventures.Kind of like Star Trek with cooler characters 😉

Name: HUNTER Sparrow (Captain Jack Sparrow)

Time Period: 1700’s

Bio: When a genetically advanced trooper from the future accidentally takes possession of  an alien device,he along with his ship are sent back in time and    discovered washed up on the  shoreline by Captain Jack Sparrow.The stranded visitor offers Jack  Sparrow  the chance to navigate a different kind of ship in hopes that  this cocky,vagabond of a Pirate would somehow lend his expertise in celestial navigation to assist on his journey back to his home planet.Always up for an adventure,Captain Sparrow obliged.Totally oblivious to the perils and dangers of time traveling,Sparrow and his new found  ally embark on an epic adventure that would eventually lead to new alliances ,dangerous confrontations and the birth of  a new breed of  galactic heroes…The “TIME HUNTERS!”

Name: Spartan Gungnir (2nd in command)

Time Period: 2,552

Bio: Not much is known about this genetically advanced Marine other than the fact that he has accidentally traveled in time after discovering an Alien  device on his planet.He is a tremendous asset to the team yet is reluctant to become an official member and chuckles every time  Captain Sparrow refers to himself as a “Time Hunter”.


Name: HUNTRESS Ripley (Ellen Ripley)

Time Period: 2,122

Bio:After a brief skirmish that resulted in Spartan Gungnir blasting a hole in an Alien creature hunkered over her bruised,tattered and near life-less body,Ellen Ripley joins Sparrow and  his team of  “Time Hunters”  as a sign of gratitude for saving her life.



Name: Kritter (given to him by Ellen Ripley)

Time Period: Unknown

Bio: Unknown




Name: HUNTER Roadblock (Marvin Hinton)

Time Period:Present

Bio:Roadblock is the heavy machine gunner for G.I. Joe.There seems to be some kind of a connection between the Alien time travel device and G.I. Joe’ s arch-nemesis  Cobra Commander.Captain Sparrow,Spartan Gungnir and Ellen Ripley find themselves in the midst of a heated battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra.Not knowing who’s side to take ,Sparrow naively sides with Cobra Commander,prompting Roadblock to prove to Spartan and Ripley that  G.I. Joe are the good guys.Together they launch an attack on Cobra in attempts to free a brainwashed Captain Sparrow from the clutches of Cobra.

10 responses to “Time Hunters! UPDATE

    • Well..I haven’t really put a backstory together but I have something in mind.All the characters will have their same names and backgrounds though.I’ll do an update post sometime this week H.G. 😉

  1. I have the same Ellen Ripley Figure!! She is da best, she can kill any ninja army anytime.
    I was thinking about making my action team out of some of my Jurassic Park – Caribbean Pirates – Disney – Chap Mei – The Corps Figures. Also with some plastic animals 😀

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