X-Men Movie Series-Professor X

I remember picking this figure up years ago out of a clearance bin at a Kay-Bee toy store.Buzz Chuck over at http://actionfigureadventures.blogspot.com/ just did a post about the same figure  only his version was used as custom fodder  and would ultimately don a snazzy hair-do 🙂 My version is still bald and like Buzz stated loose as heck!The figure itself is aesthetically pleasing but the leg joints are super loose.The Prof looks great sitting in his wheelchair and while I was still able to get him to stand,the loose joints are a minor turn off.I probably won’t go chasing down any other figures from this line but a Legends Wolverine and Storm might look pretty neat standing next to the Professor.If anyone has any of  the Legends X-Men and would like to work out a trade let me know 😉