Transformers DOTM – Roadbuster

This is the part of the post where I tell Dan of  to look away for I will yet again be talking about  a DOTM Transformers figure LOL!After watching and really enjoying TF DOTM ,three characters in the film really grew on me.Topspin,Leadfoot and Roadbuster make up “The Wreckers”,an Autobot sub-group/commando unit who are easily the heaviest armed TF’s in the movie and really stand out from the myriad of  characters who make an appearance in the film.These three distinct Autobots take the form of  NASCAR   Stock Cars based on the same ones driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr.(Roadbuster),Juan Pablo Montoya (Leadfoot) and Jimmie Johnson (Topspin).While I am in no way a fan of NASCAR I do like the concept and the facsimile Earnhardt Jr. signature on Roadbuster.So far I have Topspin and now Roadbuster leaving me with just one more Wrecker(Leadfoot) to acquire in order to complete the team.Enjoy the pics!


10 responses to “Transformers DOTM – Roadbuster

  1. You might have a hard time finding Leadfoot, as he was a Target exclusive(if you didn’t already know). But I wish you luck. I’m still looking for a box to put the “trade stuff” in. But I’ll notify you when it gets sent. And as always, it won’t take long, as you only live a few hours away(Rochester, right?).

    • Thanks for commenting!I kinda looked at some of those Beast Hunters but not long enough to get a good enough feel for them.Maybe next time i will 😉

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