Top 5 Cereal Box Prizes From My Childhood!

We’ll start this off with number

5) Captain Crunch glow in the dark Circus Acrobats! I used to love twirling these guys around as a kid,trying to get them to stay upright for extended periods of time!

4) Post cereal MLB bobbleheads!I still have some of these from my childhood  😉

3)Captain Crunch Super Submarine!I spent alot of time at my bathroom sink testing this one out.

2)Starbots!A Go-Bot/Tranfsormer knock-off that quickly got my approval as one of the most kick-a#$ cereal box prizes of all time! Looking at them now they sort of remind me of the DOTM stuff that’s out now 😉 Just kidding 🙂

1)And my favorite cereal box prize of all time………..Wacky Wall Crawlers!Yes,those soft and rubbery colorful   Octopuses  that traversed our childhood bedroom walls  all too regularly and made us out to look like geniuses whenever we’d tell our younger siblings or desensitized parents that you had to wash it off with water and soap to make it sticky again.