1991 Toy Biz X-Men – Apocalypse

I nearly lost it when Toy Biz released their line of  X-men figures back in ’91 and  almost relapsed into collecting toys again.While these figures weren’t outstanding in the sculpt department,they still gave fans of Marvel comic books the chance to own some really cool action figure versions of their favorite characters.After Toy Biz’s initial  Marvel Super Heroes line of 3 3/4 figures, they then released a wave totally committed to the X-Men.It was 1991 and at that time I had been reading a ton of X-Men,X-Force and X-Factor books so the addition of Archangel and Apocalypse to the line really  made the set that much more appealing to me. Many Apocalypse figures have been released since the early 90’s but this version(correct me if  i’m wrong) is his very first!These figures were meant to be played with and each came with there own little gimmick.For instance,Apocalypse’s gimmick was the ability to grow by extending his legs and torso.This is far from the definitive version of Apocalypse to own but still is a fun figure and a nostalgic piece to add to the old toy collection 😉

19 responses to “1991 Toy Biz X-Men – Apocalypse

  1. I have this guy MOC. Apocalypse has long been one of my favorite Marvel Villains(Thanos and Mr. Sinsiter being #2 & #3). Looking back it as cool as it once was. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun toy from a time when everything wasn’t super-articulated, and the likenesses weren’t always perfect. But with the figures that are coming out these days(especially Marvel Universe), these just look goofy. I have a few of the figures from these lines and I love them just as much as my other figures. But the Marvel Universe Apocalypse got almost everything right. R.I.P. – Toy Biz.

    • It’s all relative to the times Jason.I loved this guy when it first came out and still do today.I feel like the MU version is a bit truncated.I’m gonna try to complete the set J which means i’ll also have to pick up the Nightcrawler with the super-annoying suction cups LOL.BTW-Did you receive your package?

      • I received the package on Tuesday(I believe it came on Monday, but I forgot to pick up my mail). I plan on doing a few posts on the contents. I wanted to put the first one up last night, but I couldn’t find my camera. I found it late last night, so I hope to have the first one up tonight.

    • Believe me Colin,you and Debs from Vintage figures had alot to do with my wanting to pick up some Toy Biz stuff and while I probably won’t pick up the larger figures I will pick up some of the smaller versions of them.I may also pick up some of the lesser appealing series 1 X-Force figures as well 😀

  2. There are two things in life I remember when it comes to figure cardbacks. One was the addition of the Super Powers line, and one was this in the back of a comic book. The series 1 XMen line. I was totally jazzed and stared at that thing for hours awaiting their release. Series 2 DOES look much better than this one but this one had a gimmick that 2 didn’t have. The extending parts.

    • You could find one carded along with a ton other figures carded on ebay for pretty cheap these days BDD.I’m picking up mostly loose figures as I don’t keep anything on card.

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