1991 Toy Biz – Wolverine’s Mutantcycle 10/22-10/28

I was going to pick up a ’91 TB Wolverine figure already but after acquiring his Mutantcycle in a trade with Jason Vorhees,it was almost imperative that I  snag one up pronto!Because I kind of rushed the process a bit when it came to picking up this Wolverine figure I wasn’t able to find a complete one in better condition,but this one more than serves it’s purpose and looks great when placed upon his Mutantcycle.This little gem arrived in it’s original box and while it’s in pretty rough shape I’m still going to hang onto it as a reference and for the cool pics and graphics.The cycle itself was in mint condition and still attached to the protective inserts.It’s a good thing to acquire a piece like this still MIB because of it’s easily scratched and damaged chromed out parts.I must say that i’m not too thrilled with the funny looking Wolverine face on the front of the bike ,but again,it was all about the fun factor with these toys and as a kid I would have had a ball with this motorcycle.Luckily the Wolverine face flips upwards when a figure is placed on the bike and turns into what i’m assuming are Wolverine fangs. I’ll be placing this baby alongside the rest of my Toy Biz figures in chronological order as later on this week we’ll be taking a look at a Toy Biz  X-Men/ X-Force figure released in ’92!

8 responses to “1991 Toy Biz – Wolverine’s Mutantcycle 10/22-10/28

    • LOL!I know it jb 😀 I was so afraid that the mechanism wouldn’t work and i’d be stuck with a permanent googely eyed Wolvie on the front of my Mutantcycle.Luckily everything worked out and I think the figure and bike look real cool together!

  1. When it first came out I stayed away from stuff I considered that was not comic accurate. I do like the claws that come out.

    • I agree HG.I probably wouldn’t have given this a second look on the count of it not being in the X-men comic,but I gotta give it to Toy Biz for trying.The C.C.C. (claws,chrome and color) as well as the fact that it its somewhat vintage drew my attention.I love the paint jobs on all these Toy Biz toys!

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