1995 Toy Biz X-Men Phoenix Saga – Corsair

I first found out about Corsair in an old X-Men Classic issue where the Starjammers join forces with the X-Men.Finding out that he was Cyclops’  father was also pretty cool  and made his character more appealing.It doesn’t get any better than a swashbuckling space Pirate now does it ;)In ’95 Toy Biz released this super cool Corsair figure!This is one of those figures that make me say “Man,why didn’t they have this out when i was a kid!”I’m not big on obscure characters but some deserve a little more attention than others,and Corsair is one of those more popular obscure characters.This Toy Biz rendition of  him is pretty accurate and typical of  a 90’s action figure.He came with his sword and trusty space pistol which you so often saw him holding in those old X-Men issues.He also comes with an additional accessory that hooks on to a zip-line of sorts and works pretty well.Toy Biz got a lot right with these later released figures and the sculpts of there late 90’s stuff is evident of that.This is pretty much going to wrap up my Toy Biz segment but by no means will I stop at just these figures.There is a seemingly endless variety of  characters to choose from within this colorful collection of  90’s Toy Biz figures  and there are still a few that remain on my radar so stay tuned! 

4 responses to “1995 Toy Biz X-Men Phoenix Saga – Corsair

  1. Except Jboy they never made a complete run. Only 3 of them….Bummer huh? Yeah I never got to play with Corsair and the Starjammers. I had them alright but in my playtime I tend to write down everything so I will not forget it. Corsair and company never made their debuts.

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