Three Part Post-ToyBiz/Panthro/Sandy

                                                                                                              More Fun With ToyBiz! 

These guys arrived today and I’m pretty excited about all three of them!I’ll be doing separate posts on each of them so stay tuned for that!


This is another awesome figure that made it’s way into the collection thanks to Jason Vorhees!We pulled off a trade not so long ago and I was pretty psyked to find out that Panthro was going to be part of it!I really needed an 80’s Thundercat figure for my 80’s collection and Panthro will fit in nicely!Panthro was my favorite of the bunch and I couldn’t be happier to own this iconic action figure!Big shout out to Jason!

                                                                                                Super Storm Sandy

Last but not least,i’d like to wish everyone who had the misfortune of  having to deal with the events that took place this past weekend well.I know there are a few bloggers who frequent my site that live on the east coast ,myself included, and I just hope they’re all o.k.I’m a bit up north so we didn’t get the brunt of  it but still had major power outages(over 7,000 customers) and our fair share of downed trees.So heres to a speedy recovery to any and all involved and like Russel Simmons would say after every episode of Def Comedy Jam “Good night and God Bless!”

6 responses to “Three Part Post-ToyBiz/Panthro/Sandy

  1. Hey man, my power is back on. Panthro is awesome and I love that Iceman. It sounds like the storm delayed the DMV from sending out my license. As soon as I get it I’m going to need your address so I can send you Storm Shadows waist and a box of other toy goodies.

    • I’m diggin’it too HG,and if I wasn’t trying to build up my ToyBiz collection i’d probably consider it.I will say,however,that these figures are all over eBay HG and can be had for pretty cheap if you pick them up loose!Just search Marvel ToyBiz.

    • Thanks jb!As much as I love the MU stuff,ToyBiz has just enough character selection to cure that Marvel fix and for half the price!I would suggest picking some of these up now while they are still cheap 😉 I found some MOC on eBay for $5.97 free shipping!

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