Top 5 Cereal Box Prizes From My Childhood!

We’ll start this off with number

5) Captain Crunch glow in the dark Circus Acrobats! I used to love twirling these guys around as a kid,trying to get them to stay upright for extended periods of time!

4) Post cereal MLB bobbleheads!I still have some of these from my childhood ¬†ūüėČ

3)Captain Crunch Super Submarine!I spent alot of time at my bathroom sink testing this one out.

2)Starbots!A Go-Bot/Tranfsormer knock-off that quickly got my approval as one of the most kick-a#$ cereal box prizes of all time! Looking at them now they sort of remind me of the DOTM stuff that’s out now ūüėČ Just kidding ūüôā

1)And my favorite cereal box prize of all time………..Wacky Wall Crawlers!Yes,those soft and rubbery colorful ¬† Octopuses ¬†that traversed our childhood bedroom walls ¬†all too regularly and made us out to look like geniuses whenever we’d tell our younger siblings or desensitized parents that you had to wash it off with water and soap to make it sticky again.


Transformers DOTM – Roadbuster

This is the part of the post where I tell Dan of¬† to look away for I will yet again be talking about ¬†a DOTM Transformers figure LOL!After watching and really enjoying TF DOTM ,three characters in the film really grew on me.Topspin,Leadfoot and Roadbuster make up “The Wreckers”,an Autobot sub-group/commando unit who are easily the heaviest armed TF’s in the movie and really stand out from the myriad of ¬†characters who make an appearance in the film.These three distinct Autobots take the form of ¬†NASCAR ¬† Stock Cars based on the same ones driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr.(Roadbuster),Juan Pablo Montoya (Leadfoot) and Jimmie Johnson (Topspin).While I am in no way a fan of NASCAR I do like the concept and the facsimile Earnhardt Jr. signature on Roadbuster.So far I have Topspin and now Roadbuster leaving me with just one more Wrecker(Leadfoot) to acquire in order to complete the team.Enjoy the pics!


G.I Joe 1983-Destro 10/08-10/14

I know you guys were probably expecting another TF DOTM post but no,that post will take place on Wednesday ūüėČ Last night I decided to dig into the ‘ol Bag-o-Joe’s and pull out one of my favorite Cobra villains,Destro,for Monday morning’s post.I never owned this Destro as a kid ¬†but always wanted one because this was the cartoon version of him.I would ultimately pick up the Iron Grenadier version w/ chariot but never got that fulfillment I knew I would have gotten with the ’83 version.Alot of the vintage Joes I have now aren’t of ones I had as a kid but rather of figures that I always wanted as a kid and never owned.I remember being amazed every time someone would show me their Destro,Baroness and Snake Eyes figures because I started collecting Joes in ’86 up until ¬†’88 and these guys just weren’t being sold in stores anymore.Figures like Dusty,Quick Kick and Barbecue were hard as heck to come by in the late 80’s and could only be acquired via trade with other kids who had them.My go to Barbecue would be the Slaughters Marauders version and I would also have to settle on the Tiger Force versions of ¬†Life-Line,Flint,Duke and Bazooka to round out my collection.Tiger Force Duke’s hair color used to bug the crap out of me,though.I can honestly say that I now have most of the early 80’s ¬†Joe’s that I had wanted as a kid but hardly any of the figures I used to have LOL!From here on out I’ll be focusing on the ’87-’88(Crystal Ball,Raptor,Spearhead And Max) line to see If ¬†I can fill that particular void in my collection.

80’s Flix -Twilight Zone The Movie

Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than with an 80’s Horror movie that really screwed my head up as a kid.Flashback to around 1985.I was 8 then and sitting in front of my T.V. with a giant bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch totally into this movie they were giving on HBO called Twilight Zone.Now I knew Twilight Zone…the black and white Twilight Zone…the one with all the warped ¬†and ¬†twisted logic defying short stories that would come on¬† the local channels late at night when everyone had gone to bed…but this version was ¬†different .This Twilight Zone was in color and almost 2 hours long according to the TV guide and I wasn’t about to miss it for the world.I remember sitting in the dark on my living room floor carefully shoveling spoonfuls of cereal into my mouth, never once looking down at the bowl as I was too busy watching the movie while simultaneously keeping an eye on my mom who was a couple rooms away in the kitchen,just to reassure myself that I wasn’t alone.While movies like this totally screwed with my head growing up, they also helped expand my imagination and even influenced me to want to write my very own Horror movie script.Below are a few of the scenes from the film that stuck with me.That Lithgow scene was classic and the story with the kid who made his big sisters mouth disappear was awesomely disturbing!


Transformers DOTM Deluxe Class – Sideswipe

Today we take a look at Sideswipe from the DOTM line of TF figures.Of the DOTM figures I already have,this guy is by far my favorite. Alot of the DOTM TF’s have ¬†proportion issues but Sideswipe clearly doesn’t.Everything about Sideswipe’s sculpt flows.A couple of paint apps here and there and this figure would be a perfect 10. I would have also liked to have an Autobot faction symbol somewhere on the robot or car mode but I can live without it.Everytime I pick up a new DOTM figure I hop on Netflix and load up TF DOTM ¬†to catch scenes that feature them and Sideswipes is pretty bad a#$!He and Bumblebee along with another red sports car (who’s name escapes me) are being chased at all kinds of high speeds by Decepticon Crankcase(black SUV) and his henchmen.Although not as popular with collectors as other TF’s lines are,this is one DOTM figure that may be worth checking out.Enjoy the pics!

Transformers DOTM Deluxe Class – Barricade 10/1 – 10/7

Continuing on with my quest to hunt down as many DOTM ¬†figures as possible (especially since most are on clearance around these parts) here we have Barricade!Not much to say about car mode other than the fact that it looks amazing!Love the fact that the cop car is actually a bad guy in disguise ūüėČ I remember first seeing Barricade in the first TF movie and really digging him.It doesn’t get any more intimidating than Barricade in that scene as he gets in the face of ¬†Shia Labeouf ¬†to interrogate him.In DOTM Barricade makes a quick appearance towards the end of the film.Now alot of people have a problem with his robot mode but I don’t.I think the problem lies in how some people transform him.I believe the proper way to transform him involves the legs being separated,making him look like he has no torso.I on the other hand don’t separate the legs and that tends to give him more of an upright and balanced look.The one gripe I have is with his mechtech weapon.While it looks cool when deployed with the claw exposed,It’s not able to lock in place. I think the claw is a big part of Barricades appearance and overall vibe and the fact that it can’t be displayed permanently is a minor turn off.Other than that i’m loving this figure and will soon have to make more room to display these neat little DOTM ¬†Transformers!