Crazy Shout Out To Buzzchuck (Kevin) At Action Figure Adventures!

About a month ago my buddy Buzzchuck (Kevin) commented on my 1984  Storm Shadow figure and offered to send me a replacement waist for him seeing as how the waist on the one I posted about was  really yellow.He said he would be sending it out in November along with a couple of other things and I couldn’t have been more psyched about it!Buzz ,you made my day buddy!I had been looking for a replacement waist piece for my Stormy forever it seems but never pulled the trigger and now thanks to Buzz I can scratch that off my list 😉 “A  FRIGGIN’ DOLLAR GENERAL JOE !!!!” That’s what I yelled out after pulling out this ridiculously elusive DG Shipwreck figure!Unbelievably cool package you sent me here Kevin and I couldn’t be more appreciative of it!From ToyBiz ,80’s COPS figures to a carded Iron Man 2 figure,there’s so much more to go over but i’ll let the pic do the talking for now until I can get down to posting about them in greater detail.If you haven’t already,be sure to check out Buzzchucks blog at’s got a little bit of everything over there as well as some great insight on the toy collecting hobby!Thanks again Buzzchuck(Kevin)!P.S. I’ll be putting a little something together for you soon now that I have your address 😉

9 responses to “Crazy Shout Out To Buzzchuck (Kevin) At Action Figure Adventures!

  1. I’m glad you liked it. When I posted about getting a complete set of DG Joes last week I bought my set plus a couple of extra ones they had laying around. Those Toy Biz figures actually came from a buddy of mine who was cleaning out his room at his parents back in my college days. They spend the past couple of years in my “toys visiting kids can play with” bin. You’ve been posting about the line so much I figured I’d pass them along.

    • I’m sooo anticipating cracking open that Shipwreck Kev lol!Funny thing is I have a couple of new ToyBiz additions to post about and now I can add the two you sent me!Thanks again bro!Question:Are you still customizing?

      • Yeah, off and on. I very actively customized figures as a hobby in high school. Then in college I did quite a few to use for the stop motion animated show (Animation Creation) my buddy and I made. I still mess around some when I get time or ideas.

      • I may have some fodder as well as a couple other goodies to send your way in the near future.Not sure what you have or don’t have but i’ll try to make it interesting 😉

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