Dollar General G.I. Joe -Shipwreck

I spent close to a month dipping in and out of my local Dollar General in search of these elusive little suckers only to be let down with each visit.I was starting to feel like one of those Bigfoot field researchers who traverse the forests of Kentucky only to be disappointed with their findings,or lack there of. I certainly wasn’t about to start doing a Bigfoot like Hasbro G.I. Joe call in the middle of  the toy aisle because  frankly that would have freaked out the nice people working and shopping at Dollar General,so my hunt for the exclusive Joe figures would ultimately come to an end.Enter KJ , CODE NAME : Buzzchuck  😉 I gotta give a crazy shout out to Buzz from Action Figure Adventures for not only sending me an awesome  assortment of action figures,but for also including this Dollar General Shipwreck figure.Of all the figures from this line,Shipwreck was the figure I wanted the most and thanks to Buzz I can finally add him to my collection!



6 responses to “Dollar General G.I. Joe -Shipwreck

  1. I have heard there are Marvel Universe figures that are exclusive to Dollar General. They have very limited articulation, but the packaging looks just like the rest of the 3 1/4 inch line….need to check in on that…lol
    Nice looking figure, not a fan of the Joes myself (the cartoon was on after Transformers back then…so I never watched…lol)

    • You’r right about the MU figures.They are very limited in the way of articulation.I did think about picking up the DG Spider-Man to do a head swap with my Super Poseable figure 😉

  2. When I went into that Dollar General (I had never been in that particular location before) They had a complete set plus two figures. I bought them all. I was planning to send one to you and one to the Cosmic Toy Arch. I remember someone posting about a couple of them. I checked his blog and he mentioned needing Cobra Commander and the Cobra Trooper. It worked out perfectly the two extras were Cobra Commander and Shipwreck. You lucked out that he needed CC. As a side note, I worked at a Dollar General for one summer in college.

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