1989 C.O.P.S. -Bullit

The C.O.P.S. and CROOKS figure line released right around the time I stopped collecting Joe’s , ’88-’89 give or take. I did take a liking to the cartoon and always loved the way the figures looked but never bought any for myself as a kid.Instead,i remember buying  Buttons Mc Boom Boom for my kid nephew and really diggin’ it.Lately I’ve been wanting to add a couple of these bad a#$ figures to my collection and thanks to Buzzchuck over at Action Figure Adventures ,i now have two to add to the toy shelf!I must admit,though,i didn’t recognize either of them but knew right away that they were from the C.O.P.S. and CROOKS line.This one here is “Bullit” and i can’t remember ever seeing him in any of the episodes i watched as a kid,but is a cool figure nonetheless!These guys look like overgrown G.I. Joe figures with their o-ring style waists,arm and leg joints.Hasbro clearly took the “if it ain’t broke” approach.I love the sculpt on this one and would love to hunt down some of his accessories,mainly his bullet shaped helmet and rolling land cannon.I would love to find a Big Boss or Bulletproof figure from this line as well . I can’t  thank Buzz enough for sending this guy over to me as it currently occupies a whole in my collection that i’ve been wanting to   fill for a  looong time!

BTW-Here is a link to a pretty cool C.O.P.S. figure archive if you ever have to identify a figure or just for future reference 😉





Back 2 Vintage…

From here on out  i’ll be focusing more on certain vintage/80’s toys to fill small holes in my collection and then ultimately refrain from collecting certain contemporary figures.Darn you Marvel Universe with your awesome variety of unreasonably high priced figures!With things getting kind of tight around here I may start selling off some of my sports cards again  to pick up some more vintage awesomeness!Here’s what i’m looking for….

1.At least one more Coleco Rambo Force of Freedom action figure

2.2 more Sectaurs figures

3.1 more C.O.P.S. figure

4.2 more vintage Thundercats figures

5.1 more 200x  He-Man figure(preferably Skeletor,Ram Man or Stratos)

6.80’s Michael Knight figure

7.At least 2 vintage Clash of the Titans figures

8.Last but not least…..Marshall Bravestarr’s elusive white cowboy hat.I can’t find it anywhere!

Happy Holidays to everyone and there families including any that were unfortunate enough to be involved in the crisis in Connecticut.If there is a God out there please bless those families with any and everything they deserve after that terrible ordeal  they are being forced to live through.Having three kids of my own ,tears come to my eyes every time I think about it.Just felt like I had to acknowledge that before moving on with this blog which seems so insignificant to me when I think about the realer things going on in the world today.So…again..Happy Holidays,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you and yours.



G.I. Joe ROC- Cobra Crimson Hydra

I was lucky enough to find this on clearance a couple of years ago for 5 bucks!These vehicles quickly began to see the clearance aisles of most department stores in bunches as I was also able to snag up a Gunship and Ice Dagger for a similar price.Lets take a look at the box art.I keep all of the instructions as well as vehicle boxes just to be able to look at ,or if one day I decide to sell anything off,i’ll have the package it came in.One day i’ll hopefully find a way to display them because as of now there just taking up alot of space.



The Hydra is a nice looking ship and looks even better when the back wings are fully extended and the two side missile compartments are opened up.I was out of the Joe loop for a while and jumped back on after the ROC  film,so when I initially picked this bad boy up I wasn’t aware that the same ship had been released for the Spy Troops line in a more realistic black color. I for one think  the crimson red color is better suited for a Cobra vehicle.


DSCN8962The cockpit is a bit bland but I do like the retractable  landing gear.The underbelly of the ship is it’s strong point as it features an amazingly cool little escape pod that ejects and can hold an additional figure.I would have had a freaking ball with this toy as a kid.



DSCN8964One of my favorite features on the Crimson Hydra is the escape pod!This small craft fits snug under the Hydra and ejects with the pull of a trigger.Once ejected,there are wings on either side of  it that retract.








The figure included with this set is the Cobra Aero Viper.Not the flashiest of figures but sports some pretty cool web gear and a nice helmet with transparent visor.







Slowing Down The Pace A Bit…

I think It’s time to slow things down a bit here at Action Figs And Things.As Christmas and the new year are fast approaching,so are the last minute gift runs and preparations coupled with the usual hustle and bustle of  the holiday season.Television is at its best this time of the year so most of my time will be spent with the fam watching classics like “A Christmas Story” as well as attending various school Christmas concerts while counting down the days on the calendar.My usual Monday morning post will be pushed to Monday afternoons or maybe even to Tuesdays while future posts will be a bit more spaced out.I’ll still post during the week, just more randomly.Sooooo have a great couple of weeks as we usher in Christmas day and the new year and remember to try to be considerate when rubbing elbows out there with other fellow Christmas shoppers!

G.I. Joe ROC-Sky Sweeper w/Air Raid

This I picked up a loooong time ago on clearance at a nearby Wal-Mart.I’ve read this guys(Air Raid) file card a gazillion times and only now am I realizing that this is none other than “Airborne” with a different code name.If you keep up with your Joe intel,like I so very often don’t,then you should know that Franklin Talltree was Airborne’s  real name,hence the connection with Air Raid who sports the same name on his file card.It’s not all the time that I’m able to put 2 and 2 together but I blow myself away the times that I do ;)So…yeah…moving forward.I love the figure from this set and while I’m not crazy about the Sky Sweeper ,It’s still pretty cool.I wish it was a two-seater.Enjoy the pics.






G.I. Joe 2005 – (V13) Firefly 12/3-12/9

Another great figure to come over from Buzz from Action Figure Adventures is this amazing 13th version of Firefly!You really can’t improve on the original 1984 design so going with just  the different paint scheme  was a safe way of  keeping this figure as true to the older version as possible, and it works in alot of ways!This Firefly is part of the “Crimson Guard Force” set,hence the red camouflage.Thanks Buzz(Kev)!



2010 McDonalds-Shrek

While taking a look at something for my mom down in the basement,I stumbled across this figure sitting on the ledge of  one of the windows!He was pretty dusty and full of cobwebs so I cleaned him off a bit and decided to bring em’ home.I’m not sure what I want to do with him yet seeing as how this is the first and only McDonalds toy to make it into my collection. Maybe I can snag up a “Rise of the Guardians”  McDonalds  figure to join Shrek here on the old toy shelf.