G.I. Joe ROC-Sky Sweeper w/Air Raid

This I picked up a loooong time ago on clearance at a nearby Wal-Mart.I’ve read this guys(Air Raid) file card a gazillion times and only now am I realizing that this is none other than “Airborne” with a different code name.If you keep up with your Joe intel,like I so very often don’t,then you should know that Franklin Talltree was Airborne’s  real name,hence the connection with Air Raid who sports the same name on his file card.It’s not all the time that I’m able to put 2 and 2 together but I blow myself away the times that I do ;)So…yeah…moving forward.I love the figure from this set and while I’m not crazy about the Sky Sweeper ,It’s still pretty cool.I wish it was a two-seater.Enjoy the pics.






14 responses to “G.I. Joe ROC-Sky Sweeper w/Air Raid

  1. Thats cool. I always remember Airborne being introduced in GI Joe #11 stating his name “Talltree, Franklin E.” For some reason that always stuck with me ….

    • I’ve had this for about a year and a half now,maybe longer,and am just making the(Airborne,Air Raid) connection lol.The name Franklin E. Talltree is kick a@#!

    • I didn’t think I’d get into them at first brigade but after picking up a few I was hooked.It was like an alternate Joe universe with different versions of past time greats.Throw in the fact that they came
      stacked with accessories.

    • Thanks for the Reblog Brigade!I’ll definitely be dropping by your site soon as well as adding you to my Blogroll if It’s cool with you.Thanks for jumping on board!
      BTW-I see you’re into Joes,ya gotta check out jboypacman over at “Revenge From The Cosmic Ark”.He’s got a ton of Joe content as well 😉

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