Slowing Down The Pace A Bit…

I think It’s time to slow things down a bit here at Action Figs And Things.As Christmas and the new year are fast approaching,so are the last minute gift runs and preparations coupled with the usual hustle and bustle of  the holiday season.Television is at its best this time of the year so most of my time will be spent with the fam watching classics like “A Christmas Story” as well as attending various school Christmas concerts while counting down the days on the calendar.My usual Monday morning post will be pushed to Monday afternoons or maybe even to Tuesdays while future posts will be a bit more spaced out.I’ll still post during the week, just more randomly.Sooooo have a great couple of weeks as we usher in Christmas day and the new year and remember to try to be considerate when rubbing elbows out there with other fellow Christmas shoppers!

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