Taking A Big Brake

Sorry for the lack of posts and comments everyone as things have gotten a little hectic  and i really haven’t had the time to blog much these days.I will however find time to quickly check out some of my favorite blogs including  The Cosmic Ark(loving the Joes man,keep em’ coming), Monster Cafe and Action Figure Adventures  but probably won’t be doing much commenting on them or any other blogs for a while.This means that i’ll also be taking a brake from posting as well.Thanks for understanding 😉

Sincerely: actionfig/Pancuco(Tony)


And now back to your regularly scheduled program!”


10 responses to “Taking A Big Brake

    • Thanks Buzz.If anything the brake should reinvigorate me in a way.I’m thinking by the time i can fit blogging back into my schedule i should have better ideas and blog posts 🙂

  1. GREAT site! I found you via Jason Voorhees’ blog where he mentioned the trade between you two involving Nemesis Enforcer- how cool! I run a site called UnderScoopFire.com that you might like if you have time to check it out.

    Are you looking for any other vintage Joes, MOTU, or Star Wars? I have plenty of those and am willing to make some trades.

    Planning on exploring your site some more- it looks awesome!

    • Thanks Howard.Jason’s a cool cat ;)I’ve yet to get back into blogging mode but will soon and i’ll def. have to check out your sight!I’m cutting back on collecting as of late but maybe we can work something out.Any particular figures you’re looking for?

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