Saturday Morning w/Sgt. Savage!


This is a figure i’ve been wanting to pick up for a while now,and a line that will be on my radar for the foreseeable future.As a kid i enjoyed assembling squads of Joes by teaming up characters with different specialties and abilities.But the concept of  the “solo” mission was always more appealing.Characters like Sgt.Slaughter,Snake Eyes and Super Trooper never needed much  support or back up whenever i would include them in my action figure adventures.Much like Sgt.Savage.A figure like this would have gone on many solo missions for me as a kid had he not been released at a time when my interest in action figures was in a steep decline.The fact that his background story apes Captain America’s doesn’t bother me at all.In fact,who’s to say Steve Rogers was the only super soldier test subject cryogenically frozen during WW2.There seamed to be a lot of that going on in that particular era ;)Could make for a great cross-over!



The figure is aesthetically pleasing and the overall look and accessories are indicative of the WW2 era.I can’t express how cool i think this action figure is despite some of the minor gripes i have with it.These figures are not held together by an o-ring.Instead,Hasbro elected to go with a twist peg mechanism that allows for the figure’s torso to rotate.Also,the legs  connect to ball joints.These ball joints work all right but are plastic and seem a little tenuous.This last detail is one many Joe collectors may not like,and it has to do with the overall scale of these figures.They stand  taller than 4″ and noticeably tower over  the vintage Joes. They’re not even in scale with the 25th ann. stuff.This ,however, gives the Sgt.Savage line it’s own identity and really sets it apart from any other military themed toy line.






G.I. Joe ROC -Mole Pod w/Terra Viper + Recent Pick-Up

Here we have the Cobra Mole Pod!Not the most intimidating name for a Cobra vehicle.One thing’s for sure,you’d better be facing the right way and in an upright position  if one of these ever decides to burrow through a wall you’re standing in front of. I liked these in the film and the toy version is pretty cool,too.The Terra-Viper is a Croc-Master repaint but looks quite menacing with his subterranean-esque eyes painted a solid black.Rolling the Mole-Pod across the floor causes the  drill-like  front end to spin similar to how it does in the movie.










                                       Recent Pick-Up

I’ll post more about this guy in a couple days or so.


Amorous Armadillo game shoppe

A little while ago i received a comment from my cousin Jagavahn (Elliot).Elliot will be the first to tell you how much of an action figure freak i was as a kid because,frankly, he was just as bad ;)Even though as kids we lived in separate states,we would always manage to stay in contact and let each other know what we were collecting at the time.Long story short,Elliot played a major part in my childhood and collecting wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without him.
Flash forward to the present!Elliot currently runs his own gaming shop in Orlando,Florida.The shop  features the following- tabletop miniatures games, Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine, Hordes, Malifaux, Dystopian Wars, Magic the Gathering (MTG), L5R, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), and other RPG games !I have provided a link below for anyone coming to or in the Orlando area who may be interested in doing a little gaming!

G.I. Joe ROC-Gunship w/Firefly (red helmet variant)

With G.I. Joe Retaliation  coming out next month, i thought  it’d be a good idea to revisit the first film,ROC,by posting some movie screenshots along with some of the toys associated with the film.The Cobra Gunship made several appearances in the ROC film,predominantly in the beginning scenes and i believe towards the end as well. Apparently there were two releases,or variations of the gunship.One featuring a Firefly with a black helmet and this red helmet version.There is a  compartment on the top of the ship that holds three explosives. When activated, these small bombs drop from another small door located in the ships underbelly.Another cool feature are the small handles underneath the ship.You’re able to have your figures hang onto them directly or attach one of those cool zip lines that come with most of the Ninja Retaliation figures.I was lucky enough to find this on clearance years ago for about 5 bucks,not sure how much they go for now.But definitely pick one up if you get the chance.While not as iconic,it’s pretty much an updated,more futuristic version of the Cobra Fang imo.Enjoy the pics!













A Little Renovating…

I’m thinking about switching up the look here on Action Figs and Things and i’m not sure if by doing so i will be able to keep old photos or not.Just giving you guys the heads up if  suddenly AF&T looks a little different the next time you decide to stop in.

G.I. Joe Retaliation-Snake Eyes(ninja duel) loose

Again with the Snake Eyes?!Yep,we got another one.And he’s pretty cool,too!No other single carded figure gets me more excited than Snake Eyes.I think the fact that he was so hard to find as a kid contributes to that.Although the first Retaliation release was pretty damn cool,so is this version.This movie accurate,more futuristic take on G.I. Joe’s ninja/commando  is definitely not your daddy’s Snake Eyes.Let’s start with the head sculpt, which seems to be more of a protective helmet,but works really well with this figure.Snake Eyes dons a slick computerized armor this time around with  predator like gauntlets on both forearms.The detailed/chiseled chest-plate looks great,too.The holster around his waist add to the commando vibe on this figure and holds one of his throwing knives and a small handgun.The sheath looks real nice but only holds one sword.Oh and speaking of accessories.Hasbro finally did away with the multi-colored weapons and opted for  a more realistic look this time around and really did a great job on them.I would definitely put this version of Snake Eyes on my top 5 list,and that’s saying alot considering how many Snake eyes figures have been released throughout the years.I’ll have to do a top 5 Snake Eyes post sometime.Enjoy the pics!











G.I. Joe Retaliation-Snake Eyes (ninja duel)

I know i wasn’t supposed to pick up any more modern figures,strictly focusing on vintage,but Snake Eyes is a must buy almost every time.My girlfriend got this one for me as a reward for all the hard work i’ve been doing around the house so a very special thank you goes out to her,Love ya!If i don’t get any loose pics up tonight,i will definitely by tomorrow.I took some close up shots of the rest of the line that’s out now.I must have overlooked that mask-less Firefly at the store today.He looks pretty cool too.