Recent Acquisition #3 -’91 G.I. Joe-Bushido

I was extremely happy to see this in the package Jason Vorhees sent me because it was a Joe!Any day you’re able to add a new Joe to the collection is a good day.I remember seeing this figure first on the Arc and really liking it.The 90’s Joe line featured  lots of martial art/Ninja characters and Bushido here is one of them.I got this one loose without accessories but still dig  the heck out of it.I quickly jumped on to get some info on this guy and it turns out that he’s a “Snow” Ninja from Queens,NY.I think “Arctic” Ninja would have sounded better but “Snow”Ninja will do.How cool is it that he’s from Queens,NY!I can picture this guy high atop a snow covered apartment building in the middle of winter ready to pounce!He kind of comes off as a Marvel character with somewhat of an Iron Fist vibe to em’.Check out the Chuck Taylors in the last pic!”Kiss my cons!”  😉







Recent Acquisition #2-1997 ToyBiz Hercules(T.V. Series)-Mesomorph

It took me a while to figure out what line of figures this guy was from but thanks to  i was able to track down its origins.It seems like Toy Biz made an action figure line for pretty much all that existed  for much of the 90’s.I’m pretty sure if i searched hard enough ,i’ll find a 90’s Toy Biz action figure of me.This is another cool figure included in the trade package sent over to me by Mr.Vorhees,and it is none other than Mesomorph from the live action TV series Hercules.Remember Mesomorph?No?Yeah me neither,but he is one sick looking little figure and fits in nicely with my other Toy Biz figures on display.He has a cool little action feature that make his arms flail up and down .While i am not a huge fan of the show,the figures look pretty cool and may be worthy of a second look  if your into Greek Mythology.In other words,you don’t have to be a fan of the series to enjoy these Toy Biz creations 😉







Recent Acquisition-1990 Ghostbusters-Winston Zeddmore

I recently acquired a few new figures in a trade with  Jason Vorhees  over at  and throughout the week i’ll be posting about them.I’ll start things off with this Winston Zeddmore figure  from the -Slimed Heroes- line of  Kenner’s Ghostbusters figures released in 1990. I’ve been wanting to add some Ghostbusters to my collection,particularly from the first wave of figures released in the mid to  late 80’s,so i was pretty excited about finding this in the package Jason  sent me.While not an 80’s release,it’s still an awesome representation of Zeddmore.I’ll be on the look out for a replacement backpack and i’m assuming ones from the 80’s figures can fit on this figure as well.Now i’ll have to hunt down Venkman,Spengler and Stantz to complete the team.A big shout out to Jason for this and the rest of the figures i’ll be showing over the course of this week.



G.I. Joe ’83-Cobra Commander (v.1.5)

Inspired by jboypac’s  (v.3) Battle Armor C.C.,i’ve decided to do a post about version 1.5.The first version of Cobra Commander was released in ’82 as a mail-away figure,and was of the straight arm variety.This version came out in’83 with the swivel arm feature.While many G.I. Joe figures of that time came with a backpack accessory that fit onto the figures back,the  Cobra Commander figure came with a black laser pistol that could also be  attached to his back.No backpack here,just a laser gun.I guess when you command an army like COBRA,you don’t really need much in the way of fire-arms for protection.







G.I. Joe Retaliation-Flint

I was going to pass on this figure at first,but picked it up anyways and i’m not disappointed.I think alot of  pics were taken of this Flint figure without his web gear,and that didn’t really help it’s popularity much.The web gear really evens things out here and puts the whole figure into better perspective.I love the removeable beret and the head sculpt for this figure is a real strong point.My only gripe would have to be the boots,as they could have been a little higher on the lower leg.I’m glad they opted not to put the Arashikage  sign on this sculpt as it would have been a real turn off. This version will be a nice place holder until the more movie accurate Ultimate Flint hits store shelves.








Kre-O G.I. Joe-Checkpoint Alpha (unboxed)

Initially i was going to hook up a real cool background to snap some some extra cool pics of  Law and Order dueling it out with Firefly but i wasn’t  really feeling it.So i opted for the simple “toy-on-the-shelf” pic and added a couple of  Best-Lock military figs to fill out the checkpoint tower.I’m still not crazy about Lego figs but the fact that these are representations of Joe figures that were super popular when i was a kid make these Kre-O sets all the more appealing.Enjoy the pics!









G.I. ROC-Storm Shadow (Paris Pursuit)

One of the bright spots in G.I. Joe  Rise of Cobra was actor Lee Byung-Hun and  his  portrayal  of  Storm Shadow in  the film.H e was one of the actors who pretty much no one had a beef with,even the toughest critics.I believe this was one of the first SS figures released when ROC toys initially began to show up on the pegs and department store shelves back in ’09.











KRE-O G.I. Joe-Checkpoint Alpha

Pretty psyched about this little set.I remember when i first started up this blog,it seemed like everyone was heavily into Lego figures and sets.I never got into them much but always said that if a  G.I. Joe LEGO-esque set/figure was ever released that i would quickly jump on that band wagon.I’m not sure how many more ore of these sets i’ll pick up ,but i’m definitely looking into picking up some of the single figures.I got another Ninja post to publish this week  but after that i’ll be sure to post some pics of this set assembled.