G.I. Joe Retaliation-Red Ninja

All right now correct me if i’m wrong.Wasn’t this figure released in the first wave along with the permanent hand piece thingy Roadbock and Snake Eyes w/ the blue gun last year ? Or was it held back?Not completely sure.Anyways.Glad i was able to add one these guys to my collection as it will be the closest i’ll ever be getting to a Renegades Storm Shadow figure.This is by far the best looking Ninja figure i’ve ever owned,with the exception of  the V.2 Storm Shadow i owned as a kid.The V.1 Stormy i currently own is cool too but doesn’t have anything on these contemporary Ninja figures.The only drawback  on these single carded releases is that they don’t come with any kind of sheath to store the swords.I just slip them in between his sash and gi.

Army builders will have a field day with this one provided they can hunt enough of them down.I’m content with just the one.Enjoy the pics!









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