KRE-O G.I. Joe-Checkpoint Alpha

Pretty psyched about this little set.I remember when i first started up this blog,it seemed like everyone was heavily into Lego figures and sets.I never got into them much but always said that if a  G.I. Joe LEGO-esque set/figure was ever released that i would quickly jump on that band wagon.I’m not sure how many more ore of these sets i’ll pick up ,but i’m definitely looking into picking up some of the single figures.I got another Ninja post to publish this week  but after that i’ll be sure to post some pics of this set assembled.





6 responses to “KRE-O G.I. Joe-Checkpoint Alpha

    • My TRU is way out of my way as well FF.Which is why it might be a while before i get anymore.I’m hoping the blind bags show up at Wal-Mart.There’s about 50 of them all within spitting distance from me.

    • I’m not sure how scarce these are going to be but it might not be a bad idea to snag up a couple loose on Ebay just to get started.I was able to score a figure loose but still in bag with decals for 3 bucks and 2/shipping.That’s 2 dollars more than i would have paid at the store but there was no guarantee the one i wanted was going to be there anyways.You also save gas 🙂

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