G.I. Joe ’83-Cobra Commander (v.1.5)

Inspired by jboypac’s http://revengefromthecosmicark.blogspot.com/  (v.3) Battle Armor C.C.,i’ve decided to do a post about version 1.5.The first version of Cobra Commander was released in ’82 as a mail-away figure,and was of the straight arm variety.This version came out in’83 with the swivel arm feature.While many G.I. Joe figures of that time came with a backpack accessory that fit onto the figures back,the  Cobra Commander figure came with a black laser pistol that could also be  attached to his back.No backpack here,just a laser gun.I guess when you command an army like COBRA,you don’t really need much in the way of fire-arms for protection.







12 responses to “G.I. Joe ’83-Cobra Commander (v.1.5)

  1. Still a glorious figure! Always loved his gun and the way he could stow it for easy access. Of course, in my twisted kid mind it wasn’t for self-protection, it was to shoot the troops that wouldn’t obey his orders. And hey… stirrup trousers! Gotta love those! =)

    • Agreed Figurefan.As far as villainous leaders go,C.C. wasn’t the most physically imposing but psychologically could coerce a small group of Cobra Troopers into the jaws of Great White Shark.Bad a#$ 😉

  2. Anyone who want to start a GI Joe collecting career should get Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander. These two guys got their own styles that make them very unique from the rest. I’ve seen dozens of GI Joe figures that look very much alike from each other with pretty much the same accessories, but nothing like these guys. Baroness, Destro and Duke are also one of a kind.

    • Absolutely Combospot.I don’t have many 80’s Joe figures but made sure to acquire most of the ones you mentioned.Tomax and Xamot can also be included into the list of unique Joes.

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