Recent Acquisition-1990 Ghostbusters-Winston Zeddmore

I recently acquired a few new figures in a trade with  Jason Vorhees  over at  and throughout the week i’ll be posting about them.I’ll start things off with this Winston Zeddmore figure  from the -Slimed Heroes- line of  Kenner’s Ghostbusters figures released in 1990. I’ve been wanting to add some Ghostbusters to my collection,particularly from the first wave of figures released in the mid to  late 80’s,so i was pretty excited about finding this in the package Jason  sent me.While not an 80’s release,it’s still an awesome representation of Zeddmore.I’ll be on the look out for a replacement backpack and i’m assuming ones from the 80’s figures can fit on this figure as well.Now i’ll have to hunt down Venkman,Spengler and Stantz to complete the team.A big shout out to Jason for this and the rest of the figures i’ll be showing over the course of this week.



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