Recent Acquisition #3 -’91 G.I. Joe-Bushido

I was extremely happy to see this in the package Jason Vorhees sent me because it was a Joe!Any day you’re able to add a new Joe to the collection is a good day.I remember seeing this figure first on the Arc and really liking it.The 90’s Joe line featured  lots of martial art/Ninja characters and Bushido here is one of them.I got this one loose without accessories but still dig  the heck out of it.I quickly jumped on to get some info on this guy and it turns out that he’s a “Snow” Ninja from Queens,NY.I think “Arctic” Ninja would have sounded better but “Snow”Ninja will do.How cool is it that he’s from Queens,NY!I can picture this guy high atop a snow covered apartment building in the middle of winter ready to pounce!He kind of comes off as a Marvel character with somewhat of an Iron Fist vibe to em’.Check out the Chuck Taylors in the last pic!”Kiss my cons!”  😉







12 responses to “Recent Acquisition #3 -’91 G.I. Joe-Bushido

    • Actually if you look on his file card,it points out the sneakers.I wonder if they got the idea from the character Sho nuff in the film “The Last Dragon”.

  1. A word of warning on these color change ninjas… the plastic they are made out of is kind of brittle. Their thumbs snap off really easily if you put weapons in their hands.

    • Thanks for the heads up Buzz.I’m reluctant to place weapons in any of my 80’s Joe’s hands because of that.If it seems like i have to force the weapon then i just leave it alone.

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