Small changes to AF&T and a couple of new Joes!

I’ll be deleting a couple of links from my blogroll in the next couple of days only because i don’t find myself frequenting them too often.Nothing against them or their  blogs,so i hope no one gets offended if they notice their link has been removed from the list.Also,i have a couple of new Joes to blog about and one of them could quite possibly be the 2nd best 3 3/4 Snake Eyes action figure ever produced that nobody’s ever heard of.Then again,maybe you have.I recently discovered it a couple of months back and it’s taken me this long to finally add it to the collection.Post your guesses if you have an idea of  which S.E. it might be  ;)Again,no hard feelings if you see that your blog has been removed from my blogroll as i am just trying to simplify things a bit.Thanks again to everybody who takes the time to  stop by and comment on AF&T!