G.I. Joe ROC-Snake Eyes v.47 (Rescue Mission)

If  you totally disregarded Hasbro’s G.I. Joe ROC line of figures in 2009(like i did),then chances are that you also overlooked the Rescue Mission  set exclusive to Target stores and famous for the Snake Eyes figure that came with it. The set came with two Vipers,Duke and a stealthy Snake Eyes figure deceptively  stashed  inside the package,hidden behind the Duke figure.I didn’t pick up the complete set,but managed to find the Snake Eyes and Duke figure loose.It’s rare to find any of these figures loose because merchants are making a killing selling the complete sets.I didn’t even know this Snake Eyes existed until a few months ago when i saw this Youtube review http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-Al6O7JpKs  on him.Which by the way is a pretty cool channel for action figure reviews.The Rescue Mission Snake Eyes i picked up is semi-complete but the more important accessories,like his sword,sheath and backpack were included.I really don’t have anything bad to say about this figure.Everything about it is Snake Eyes.The figure is completely black.Some flat,some glossy and the sculpt is perfect.Essentially a repaint of the Resolute Snake Eyes.The web gear’s on point and the all black visor on the head sculpt  works perfectly.To me every Snake Eyes figure should have at least one Arashikage symbol and this one has it on the right shoulder.All in all an amazing  figure and while not better than the POC Ninja Commando version,Rescue Mission Snake Eyes is a close 2nd IMO.











10 responses to “G.I. Joe ROC-Snake Eyes v.47 (Rescue Mission)

  1. When it comes to Snake Eyes, i get really hyped just by looking at the action figure. Though I think they need to put a little “texturing and colour variation” with Snake Eyes’ all black uniform, but it’s a cool figure overall.

    • I like the all black look Combo but i do agree with the fact that some of his figures do benefit from a dab of grey here and there but alot of the figures ultimately suffer from it as well.To me this Snake Eyes embodies the stealth aspect better than most of the other Snake Eyes figures out there do.

  2. I like it ! The Flat color add to the visual effect nicely. I wish he came with an UZI instead of that massive grappling hook but overall I agree, cool figure !!

    • I agree,an Uzi would have been better although mine came to me incomplete.There’s a chance that it came with an uzi or some kind of an assault rifle as well.

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