G.I. Joe ROC – Conrad “Duke” Hauser v.38 (Rescue Mission)

This figure came to me loose with the Snake Eyes of the same “Rescue Mission” set.Not much to say about this one.Just your average  Channing Tatum AKA Duke figure. At first i thought this was movie accurate but it seems like the colors of his uniform are a bit off.Inverted i think.Not much of a biggie since this will not be my go-to Duke figure.He will however look great next to other ROC Joes dressed in the light gray camouflage.And since i don’t own many of the light gray camouflaged  ROC Joes there will be no group shots at this time.Hopefully soon though.










8 responses to “G.I. Joe ROC – Conrad “Duke” Hauser v.38 (Rescue Mission)

  1. Wow….At first glance that figure is BORING….But then my mind started turning…If I got him he would be a SHIELD agent…

    • I don’t mind it too much but he’s definitely not on my “favorites” list.The next Duke figure i’m going to post about looks more like how i felt he should have looked like in the film.Stay tuned!

    • Duke is such a clean cut character it’s hard to find a real “over the top” version of him. The POC version is real cool and this one is average at best.

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