G.I. Joe POC -Conrad “Duke” Hauser v.43 (Team Commander)

According to YoeJoe.com there are 48 versions of  G.I.Joe’s 1rst  Seargeant Duke.This is v.43.This one had the disadvantage of being released in a line of  superbly sculpted and designed POC figures,and because of that was shrugged off by many a collector.After all,you weren’t going to pass up a Ninja Commando Snake Eyes or  Shock Trooper to pick up this less than stellar version of Duke.But now that all the pretty girls have left the party so-to-speak,this one doesn’t look so bad ;)I found this straggler a while back in the clearance bin and paid about 3 bucks for it.I really like the stearn look on the head sculpt and while the overall look of the figure is a bit plain,militarily it works. This Duke figure has the look of a “Team Commander” and really looks nice when placed in front of a group of other Joe’s.Needless to say,the accessories are abundant with this one and really pack a punch.Ya gotta wonder if  Tony Stark had anything to do with those shoulder mounted cannons this version of Duke sports.


You’re not seeing double.Dukes file card features the same face as Air Raid,released with the Sky Sweeper in the ROC line.











11 responses to “G.I. Joe POC -Conrad “Duke” Hauser v.43 (Team Commander)

  1. HA! Love the pic with him shaking hands with Iron Man. I skipped the POC figures, only picked up a few of the vehicles. He looks like a solid enough figure, but I agree that in context of the other POC figures, he is certainly the ugly chick at the dance!

    • I didn’t know anything about those Crimson Guards until now Buzz!Just checked them out on YOJOE and they do sport similar cannons,although not shoulder mounted.Cool stuff 😉

  2. That’s a decent Duke figure and am digging the Scarlett in the photo too. Is she a 25th Anniversary one? Also have you seen the Jungle version of Duke from this line? He always reminds me of Solid Snake from Metal Gear.

    • Thanks jb.Scarlett’s from the 25th ann. comic pack that also included General Hawk.And i have seen that Duke figure.It’s my favorite Duke sculpt aside from the 80’s version.

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