G.I. Joe POC – Snake Eyes w/Timber (Desert Battle)

This is the figure that started it all for me.Prior to acquiring  Desert Battle Snake Eyes,i had only collected vintage joes.I must say that when this baby arrived i was hooked.Vintage Joes took a back  seat to the articulation/accessory laden POC figures.While i liked  the action feature on Timber,i really didn’t dig his overall appearance.I still preferred the vintage Timber over this newer version,even with it’s lack of  paint apps and simple sculpt.







4 responses to “G.I. Joe POC – Snake Eyes w/Timber (Desert Battle)

  1. Sorry i haven’t replied sooner guys.Our slum-lord /land lady gave my family and i the boot for the weekend while they get their property ready for a nice photoshoot in preparation to sell.It’s great when total strangers get to walk about your living area to see if they like the house that you’re currently paying rent to live in and can’t frequent for an entire weekend!It really burns my ass but hey,waddayagonnado?Anyways

    Hobby-Hit the nail on the head with that one.I love that version of Venom.

    jb-I agree.Although i love both the visor and commando goggles ;)You’re right though,the goggles would have given him that commando look.

    Buzz-He really is Buzz.It’s the figure that made me want to collect more of the contemporary stuff.I hadn’t even picked up any of the 25th ann. stuff until after the release of ROC/POC.

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