Superman MOS-Zod

Zod is another awesome little piece of plastic from the  3 3/4  inch line of  Superman MOS figures.There is something special about these figures.While they are not super articulated,they are durable,sharply painted figures that aesthetically hit the mark.Zod sports the cloth cape,which i just love on action figures, and comes with a super sized weapon that can detach to become  a kick ass sword and blaster.Now that i’ve managed to subdue the stranglehold NECAS voodoo had over me,i can start to focus on 3 3/4 figs again.I’m hoping they release a single carded version of Jor-El and the rest of  Zods henchmen!










NECA 25th ann. Predator – Jungle Hunter Predator


RSCN8454Another great figure in NECA’s Predator line,Jungle Hunter Predator  apparently has more articulation than previous versions. I won’t be able to compare the two because i’ve never owned the  initial version.Hopefully the pics  will be helpful to those who had the first version, in determining how much more articulated this version of  Predator is.The one gripe i have with this figure is the shoulder cannon.When attached it hinders the Predators head movement.Not a big deal because it is removable.Enjoy the pics!














NECA 25th Ann. Predator – Jungle Patrol Dutch

Avid readers of my blog know that i am not a collector of 6 inch + figures.In fact i am a 3 3/4  freak!Their aren’t many plus size figures that grab my attention these days,and if they do,they generally have poor articulation.So there i was scanning the aisles of  TRU for something to spend my birthday cash on.Normally i would get a gift or two from the fam but this year i was hit off with a couple of bucks,giving me  the green light to pick out whatever i wanted!Initially i was looking for the two-pack  3 3/4  Street Fighter figures but apparently i came late to that party because they were pretty much gone from the shelves, with the exception of a few stragglers/ characters i really wasn’t interested in  on sale for 4 bucks.Then i came across  this amazing Dutch figure,although when i first spotted it i thought it was  John Matrix/Commando.Either way i wasn’t going home without it.I mentioned earlier how i didn’t like the fact that most of these bigger ,highly detailed figures usually lack in the articulation department.Such was not the case with  Dutch as he sports 20 points of articulation.There isn’t  much to say about these figures that  images don’t already convey.This is Arnold Schwartzenegger to a t!Even if you’re not a fan of NECA’s 6 inch figures,i highly recommend this figure,if only for the sake of nostalgia.This figure reminds me of the 80’s Galoob Commando figure- only a gazillion x’s better.Also worth noting is the 16 dollar price tag.That’s about six dollars more than most 3 3/4 figures these days and well worth it when you take into account  the quality and nostalgiac vibe of  this NECA gem.











Dark Knight Rises-Batman

I can’t believe this is my first Batman figure in ..well…30 years.I was around 6 years old living in Puerto Rico when i got my first Batman and Robin figures.It was Christmas time  and i can still remember my aunt messing with my head telling me that Santa forgot to give her my present lol.She got me good because because i can rememeber feeling extremely sad about it.Until she reached inside of  a big,black plastic bag  and pulled out this amazing set that included the Batmobile with the Batman and Robin figures.It was insane!I’ve searched everywhere on the internet for that set and can’t find it.The one detail that i can vivdly remember were the capes on both Batman and Robin.They were made out of a very hard,stiff plastic.I was 6 so the year was 1982-83.If anyone has any idea which set this was,please gimme some info 😉 I now officially own my second Batman figure and i really like it.One of my biggest beefs with contemporary Batman figures is their cartoonish appearance.Kenner and ToyBiz produced more realistic looking versions of Batman in the 80’s and 90’s,but then the animated series came out.I liked the animated series and always thought it had great writing/stories,but was never a big fan of  the broad shouldered look they gave Batman.The same went for the figures.It seems like from that point on every action figure of a  DC character had to have those wonky,broad shoulders.I never dug it.This Batman figure suffers from lack of articulation,yes,but makes up for it with the clean and very detailed sculpt imo.There are certain figures that give you a  sense of excitement when photographing them,such was the case with DKR Batman.The overall appearance of the figure is so bad ass that it doesn’t really matter what pose you have him in.He will still look bad ass.









Dollar General G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes (Repaint)

I picked this  up a little while ago and since then i’ve opened and played with it a bit.I’m not too thrilled with this version but it will fit in nicely with the rest of my Snake Eyes figures.Loose pics coming soon!Also,My girlfriend recently picked up an awesome  display case for me,well sorta,that i’ll be showing soon here on Action Figs and Things.So stay tuned for that and future posts on Zod,Batman and the Avengers reference book as well!


More B-Day Goodies!

These two super cool items were given to me by my sister as a birthday gift and i’m super thankful to her for it!She’s always looking out for her little bro and i don’t know what i would do without her!Thank you soooo much!The Spidey Venom shirt features a camouflage emblem which is a nice touch.The book features a who’s who of Marvel characters that are or have been affiliated with the Avengers in the past.There are over 200 full color photos and write ups on not just the heroes,but villains as well!


Birthday cash,nothing to spend it on!

I must say that i did have a great B-Day overall,spending it with the fam at an amazing little out of the way park over the weekend.I also received a little bit of  birthday cash and decided to pick up a couple figures that had been on my radar,and then check out the local hobby shop as well as Toys R Us to see what they had.Now,i’m not the type of collector that goes out of the way to find what i’m looking for.Usually if Wal Mart doesn’t have something then i might check out the local Target or nearby pharmacies but that’s about it.I rarely go to TRU or hobby shops for that matter.Today i decided to go against the grain and traverse crappy little “under construction” roads to see what TRU had to offer seeing as how the Comic shop had pretty much nothing in the way of action figures…although i was impressed at how they were able to make their floors so sticky.Anyways,TRU disappointed with a bunch of wave 1 Retaliation Joes,hoards of 6 inch figures and overpriced playsets.A big W.A.G.(Waste Of Gas)(Waste-A-Gas) My bad 😦  Luckily my trusty Wal-Mart still had 600 rows of  Superman  MOS figures left as well as the 3 3/4  Drak Knight  figures that just refuse to leave the party.And some may argue that Wal-Mart also has sticky floors and i would say to them “True,but they also have the best deal on single rolls of  GV toilet paper.”


Lanard CORPS! – Hugo “Shadow” Ortiz

Every once in a while a couple of Lanard CORPS! figures manage to sneak their way into my collection and such is the case with  Shadow!Hugo “Shadow” Ortiz is affiliated with the covert ops branch of the CORPS and is a decent looking figure for the price.






 Lanard has provided a cool site for serious and/or casual collectors  of CORPS! figures.You’ll be able to access certain pages like the one shown below,of every member of the CORPS! team including the villains.You’ll only be able to access character bios if you become a member,which isn’t that big of a deal but it is nice to get a feel for a figures background.