Bubbashelby over at    posted about a  Redekai figure that he found at a local Big Lots.A little while after jboy over at   posted about his Big Lots findings when he too discovered some inexpensive yet very cool looking Redekai figures. I commented and noted that i had passed by these figures many a times at my local Wal Mart about a year ago and even placed a couple in my cart only to change my mind at the last minute.Seeing these figures on Bubba’s and jboy’s site made me head over to Big Lots(my local Wal Mart didn’t have them anymore) to see if they still had the one i originally wanted a year ago,but no dice.Long story short,while doing some shopping with the wifey at an out of the way Wal Mart ,there it was.The one Redakai figure i ‘d been coveting for a little over a year,laying in between a scrambled mess of other clearanced toys.Harrier!I loved this guy when i first saw it way back and i wasn’t about to pass it up this time.Not a bad figure for 2 bucks and he blends in nicely with the Thundercats line as well.











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