Marvel Avengers – Nick Fury

This was a figure that i’ve wanted to add to the collection for a while now.Much like Hobby over at   ,i’m not very fond of  films that go and change everything that was cool about a character from the comics ,almost reinventing and fixing something about them that was never broken to begin with.Such was the case with Kingpin in the Daredevil film released years back.It happens,and in most cases it doesn’t work…..until you give the role to someone like Samuel Jackson.I love Sam Jackson.Heck Samuel Jackson would have been a better Duke than Channing Tatum IMO.And in the case of Nick Fury,i like the old school look  as well as the Samuel Jackson version of him.I’m not sure when the Nick Fury metamorphosis took place,but in the end i like what they’ve done with him.I love the figure,too,although i wish they would have placed those pesky serial numbers somewhere less visible than on the insides of his boots.Other than that,he’s pretty solid.






First Iron Man now Nick Fury?Duke’s definitely up to something 😉


6 responses to “Marvel Avengers – Nick Fury

  1. This version of Fury is the “Ultimates” version vs the classic version in the main stream Marvel Universe. In fact the “Ultimates” versions look is based off of Sam Jackson so it made sense he should play him in the films.

  2. I know about that Jboy….But they shouldn’t have changed him in the beginning! It is a complete foul no matter how good of an actor he is. To me? This figure is Caleb Jones, a high ranking member of Shield that WAS black in the comics.

    • I didn’t know they had a cloth cape version Buzz.I’d love to see it one day on AFA!Was the cloth cape the first version to be released?

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