G.I. Joe Dollar General-Duke

It still sounds funny to me when i call them  Dollar General Joes,but that’s what they are.In fact Dollar General brought the boom with these exclusive figures as they are,in many ways,better than the Retaliation stuff that’s coming out now. The one thing you can tell right away when have one of these figures in-hand is the quality of the plastic and/or joints as they feel slightly softer than the premium Retaliation figs.Nothing drastic though.The Duke figure perplexes me.In fact i don’t know why they didn’t just name this figure “Grunt”  or even “Short Fuze”.I searched the YOJOE.COM database for a duke figure that even slightly resembles this one but couldn’t find one.This must be Duke in his early years, before becoming a Seargent in the Joe ranks.All that aside,it’s still nice looking.Everything a kid would want out of a military based  action figure.This one has “solo mission” written all over it.In a way i’m glad Dollar General has made these figures available to the masses at the convinient price of  6 dollars.I think this will help introduce the G.I. Joe universe to the younger generation of  kids who are in desperate need of a break from Power Rangers and battle based trading cards.Just my opinion 🙂










6 responses to “G.I. Joe Dollar General-Duke

    • I’ve already tried several head swaps with this one but it’s hard to match up the skin tones.Most Duke head sculpts look decent though.

    • I easily could have because there were three other Dukes warming the pegs at the the same i snagged this one up.Not really into army building though, and under most circumstances 5 to 6 bucks is the limit for me.

  1. I have this one Tony and it’s great and I agree with you on this one could of been Grunt or even Hawk for that matter but I think Duke is a character that most folks know better than say Short-Fuse.

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