Superman MOS – Superman (split cycle) loose

I gotta start this off by saying that i do not consider myself a toy reviewer.I’ll point out a couple of things here and there collectors may or may not like,but that’s about it.So if  this write up starts to come off as some kind of an educated toy review,totally disreguard because it’s just me trying to sound smart.That said,i will also confess to never owning any of the contemporary Mattel 3 3/4 DC figures.In fact the closest i’ve come to those are a couple of Generator Rex figures Mattel released a while back,but that’s about it.The limited articulation on alot of  the 3 3/4 DC stuff was a huge turn off for me and i wasn’t about to pay 15 bucks for the 6″ stuff. I’m not very hip to the DC universe of figures but i’ve always wanted a decent Batman and/or Superman figure in the 3 3/4 scale.When the last Batman film released i was hoping to get some cool figures out of it, but only got those dinky little 5 dollar ones that showed up on the pegs at stores i didn’t even kniow sold action figures. I literally tripped over these figures on my walks around the block with my daughter.Needless to say i wasn’t biting.Now it seems Mattel is doing the same with these Superman MOS (Man of Steel) figures,and at first i wasn’t going to bite,then i bit …and i’m glad i did.At first glance this figure didn’t blow me away.In fact i think  what blew me away more was the  concept of  finally owning a Superman figure.I was a bit star struck to say the least.I mean, this guy could essentially kick every figure in my collection’s ass into next week with the exception of my Avengers Hulk figure and even that’s a toss up.Superman MOS would be catapaulted into the number one spot atop my  “most powerful action figures” list.MY THOUGHTS: I’ve come to terms with the lack of articulation in the legs only because the arm sculpts/articulation make up for it imo.Another plus lies in the facial sculpt which manages to capture some of Henry Cavill’s appearance but also has an old kenner vibe to it with the blue dotted eyes.The overall sculpt is pretty solid and while you can’t pose much of his lower half,the arms can be positioned in ways to make for some really cool display stances.The paint and new suit design is on point,textured and has somewhat of a glossy finish to it.I love the cloth cape BUT BE CAREFUL when taking this figure out of the package.For some reason,Mattel has placed a small plastic tag that keeps the cape in place while in the package and if you attempt to pull the figure out of the package without taking this small plastic tag off,it will pull on the cape  leaving a small little annoying hole at the bottom of  it.The whole motorcycle gimmick is pretty a much a wash and it’s pretty difficult to make the figure hold it while it’s put together.Other than those small gripes,i  love this figure for what it is.BTW-At first glance i didn’t think these would be in scale with any of my other figures so i posted a couple of example pics for size comparison.













10 responses to “Superman MOS – Superman (split cycle) loose

  1. Sometimes I really like cloth capes, but his lays a little to flat. The old Super Powers figures all had a nice curve to their capes. I think the collar piece made them flair out at the bottom.

    • I agree. I think he would have been better with a sculpted cape. Supes looks decidedly average, but I may just pick him up anyway to have him in the 3 3/4″ scale. Yeah, I have the Infinite Heroes version, but this one looks a little closer to being in scale with some of my other lines. I’ve yet to see the 6-inch Movie Master.

  2. I have looked over these figures at Wal-Mart over the last couple of weeks and I touched on my thoughts of these in brief with BubbaShelby of Toyriffic. I like the fact that these have a “90s” vibe to them ala ToyBiz and I think the price points I have seen on them are affordable however I feel a little put off by them for some reason much like the new Iron Man 3 figs so unless I see a must have one am going to pass to put my money on Nick Turtles.G.I. Joe and other 80s figures as I can find them.

    • I thought twice about picking this up as well jb but i’m happy with it.It’s a neat little Superman figure.I remember the broad shouldered Animated series Batman and Superman figures and not liking that look.They had about the same amount of articulation as these do but these MOS figures look more realistic.

  3. This figure will be in perfect scale with my Injustice GreenArrow-Deathstroke 2-Pack, which I will be posting on my blog soon. The body mold on this movie Superman is actually very nice, but the cape would have been better if it’s made of soft plastic.

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