5 responses to “Secret Wars III

  1. I think these was already a SW III Tony but am not for sure on that one but I think the Beyonder dies in it trying to be reborn as a human baby. So we can call this one either SW4 or Ultimate Secret Wars. : )

    • DOH!R U sure jb?I looked everywhere on the net for it and couldn’t find anything on a Secret Wars 3.Darn those Secret Wars.They’re so secretive.

      • Ok I did a little research on it and there has not been a Secret Wars III yet but one was teased about in a issue or special of Deadpool. So I got my stories mixed up sorry about so you have beat Marvel to the punch with your SWIII buddy. : )

  2. Yeah there was a Secret Wars 3 but it was not called that. Wiki Molecule Man for that one. It was considered the third act.

    • I plan on running with this one posting scenes in sequential order.Shall we keep the SW III title or switch it up Hobby.Whaddaya suggest ?Jb’s SW4 sounds like an R&B group but i like Ultimate Secret Wars. Or how about Universal Wars 🙂 😦 IDK

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