Birthday cash,nothing to spend it on!

I must say that i did have a great B-Day overall,spending it with the fam at an amazing little out of the way park over the weekend.I also received a little bit of  birthday cash and decided to pick up a couple figures that had been on my radar,and then check out the local hobby shop as well as Toys R Us to see what they had.Now,i’m not the type of collector that goes out of the way to find what i’m looking for.Usually if Wal Mart doesn’t have something then i might check out the local Target or nearby pharmacies but that’s about it.I rarely go to TRU or hobby shops for that matter.Today i decided to go against the grain and traverse crappy little “under construction” roads to see what TRU had to offer seeing as how the Comic shop had pretty much nothing in the way of action figures…although i was impressed at how they were able to make their floors so sticky.Anyways,TRU disappointed with a bunch of wave 1 Retaliation Joes,hoards of 6 inch figures and overpriced playsets.A big W.A.G.(Waste Of Gas)(Waste-A-Gas) My bad 😦  Luckily my trusty Wal-Mart still had 600 rows of  Superman  MOS figures left as well as the 3 3/4  Drak Knight  figures that just refuse to leave the party.And some may argue that Wal-Mart also has sticky floors and i would say to them “True,but they also have the best deal on single rolls of  GV toilet paper.”


10 responses to “Birthday cash,nothing to spend it on!

    • Thanks Michael!I’ve actually just got back from picking up the DG Snake Eyes repaint so i’ll be posting about that sometime.It’s weird man,i just can’t seem to get those little Superman MOS repaints out of my head lol!I may just snag up a couple more variations.

  1. Happy Birthday Tony and congrats on finally grabbing that Zod figure. Also do you know they are selling simpler versions of Supes and Zod at Big Lots? I saw them there the other day.

  2. Happy birthday sir! Nice pickups as well, hoping you like the Zod figure, definitely fond of my own. Batman was a good pick up too, he might pale in comparison to the Superman toys, but he’ll stand nicely beside the Man of Steel, have you any of the Green Lanterns to put beside them?

    • Thank you very much Orniphus!I have yet to open Zod up but looking forward to it.I took your advice and checked out Big Lots and sure enough there were the 5 dollar repaints.The Zod i picked up at Wal-Mart but i’m hoping Big Lots still has that Kryptonian suit Superman figure tomorrow, as i will be going back for it!IAs far as the GL figure,unfortunately no.I passed him on to another fellow blogger a while back but will probably have to re acquire him sometime down the line.I would love to see a side by side comparison though.

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