Dollar General G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes (Repaint)

I picked this  up a little while ago and since then i’ve opened and played with it a bit.I’m not too thrilled with this version but it will fit in nicely with the rest of my Snake Eyes figures.Loose pics coming soon!Also,My girlfriend recently picked up an awesome  display case for me,well sorta,that i’ll be showing soon here on Action Figs and Things.So stay tuned for that and future posts on Zod,Batman and the Avengers reference book as well!


6 responses to “Dollar General G.I. Joe – Snake Eyes (Repaint)

  1. I’m not very sure about the colour scheme on this Snake Eyes, if it’s a reference to a classic version I might be missing something, but he looks well enough all the same. Hoping that DG will still be carrying these when I visit the States in September. Awesome that for $6 you get a figure with 2 accessories AND a stand.

    • I thought “Night Force” too jb when i had it in hand.But the green seems a bit off to me.It’s almost not even a military green if that makes any sense.

    • Yeah the green is definitely a bit off.And that’s one of my beef’s with Joe’s in general is that i wish the green they used on the Camou/unis of some of their figures meshed better.

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