Superman MOS-Zod

Zod is another awesome little piece of plastic from the  3 3/4  inch line of  Superman MOS figures.There is something special about these figures.While they are not super articulated,they are durable,sharply painted figures that aesthetically hit the mark.Zod sports the cloth cape,which i just love on action figures, and comes with a super sized weapon that can detach to become  a kick ass sword and blaster.Now that i’ve managed to subdue the stranglehold NECAS voodoo had over me,i can start to focus on 3 3/4 figs again.I’m hoping they release a single carded version of Jor-El and the rest of  Zods henchmen!










6 responses to “Superman MOS-Zod

  1. Well you know where I stand on this figure, he’s all kinds of lovely. Should we be concerned though by the rubbery neck used to connect the head to the torso? I’d hate to think this could be a weak point in the future. The gun and blade are really cool and are just as impressive individually. Hopefully we will get a few more characters in the line, but I don’t know how likely that will be, fingers crossed though. I also wonder what the hole in his left gauntlet is for, some kind of dropped gimmick? Or maybe there’s some play feature that’s yet to be revealed. He looks very nice sitting with Superman and Batman.

    • I caught that too Orniphus.At first i thought one of the weapons could be placed in that hole in his arm but negative.It would be great to get more of the major DC players(Aquaman,Flash,Wonder Woman) as well as characters from the MOS film in this same style and scale.Maybe a film based on these characters is iminent,prompting the production of their figures.

  2. With every first instalment in every superhero movie, the villain is most likely the hero’s “evil twin”. We’ve seen that with Iron Man vs. Iron Monger (in Iron Man 1), Hulk vs. Abomination (in The Incredible Hulk) and now this one. Also, the villain always has the better look. Zod just looks ridiculously awesome with that Kryptonian outfit.

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