11 responses to “Marvel Handful of Heroes- Black Panther

    • They are amazingly detailed little pieces of plastic Kal!And some are translucent!Wal-Mart has them on clearance for about 4 bucks or so.Definitely check them out if you get the chance 😉

    • I think they’ll scale well next to army figures Orniphus.You sort of read my mind as i was going to eventually pose some of these next to my BestLock Army tank and pit them against a hoard of Generator Rex Evo’s 🙂

    • The other day Hobby,i had a bag of those army men in my hands and almost bought them for like a dollar or two.Now that i have a few of these Marvel mini’s i’m def. gonna snag some up when i get the chance.

    • I passed by these dozens of times and something told me to snag them up now while they’re on clearance.For 4 bucks i think they’re worth it.They retail at about $7 and some change.

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