Green Lantern-Solar Saw (Hal Jordan)

With a little bit of birthday cash left over,i decided to snag up a GL figure to go along with my MOS Superman and DKR Batman.I could have gone and played it safe with a normally outfitted GL,but opted to go with this awesome repaint!As far as i know this version is neither comic or movie  accurate,but no worries here.In my universe,this is “bad ass” Green Lantern!The paint mixed with translucent plastic and dabs of glitter make this truly unique figure stand out nicely.A more menacing Hal Jordan.I also dig the glossy green mask on this particular head sculpt as opposed to the usual flat green that was used on most of the other movie figures.Enjoy the pics!












12 responses to “Green Lantern-Solar Saw (Hal Jordan)

      • Perhaps some of the Infinite Heroes figures could help you to fill up the roster? Have been eyeing them up recently and they seem to be available for a reasonable price.

      • I thought about that and even looked into some of the villains like Lex Luthor,Joker etc.I might snag up a Flash from that line.It may sound crazy but i kind of want the rest of them to be kind of like the SM,BM and GL movie figures,you know,not so articulated but cool looking.

    • Kim,these movie line of DC figures are an affordable bunch.A less expensive way of completing your Justice League ..err..almost complete i should say.

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