Gerard “Fixer” Rainer

These figures are too cool not to get their own posts here on AF&T. I wonder what new plans lie ahead in regards to this particular line of figures?Hopefully they’ll decide to release brand new sculpts instead of  re-releasing old character repaints.






6 responses to “Gerard “Fixer” Rainer

    • “His name is jboy slash toy collector,
      Huntin’ down Remco,MASK and Sektaurs,
      He’s got Gung Ho,Sci-Fi,Serpentor
      and about 3 thousand 4 hundred and 10 CORPS!”

  1. I’m not such a fan of this particular figure, I think it’s the colours that put me off a bit. All in all though he’s still pretty nice. We’ll just have to see what they bring out in the future. I do hope they do something else with the line as I have been passing on them when I see them now as I have all I could want from the line for now.

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