G.I. Joe Retaliation – Joe Colton

And now for my review of G.I. Joe  Retaliation’s  Daughtry,i mean Joe Colton figure.It’s kind of odd to own a Bruce Willis action figure.And it’s not even a “Bruce Willis in his prime” action figure either,you know back when he was cool. This is a more greyed , Viagra commercial-like version of the 80’s action flick icon.AARP jokes aside,it’s a  pretty cool figure.Joe Colton looks like something out of  the Walking Dead series,with his shoulder holster and pump shotgun.That said,this really doesn’t feel like a G.I. Joe figure.A Bruce Willis figure yes,Joe Colton not so much.I even took some pics of Colton next to some of the other Retaliation Joes and he just didn’t look right.IDK,maybe it’s just me.Believe it or not i still haven’t seen the movie,so my opinion could be swayed.









10 responses to “G.I. Joe Retaliation – Joe Colton

  1. I’m not collecting this line, but I’m definitely going to pick up Colton if I see him. Pretty solid likeness for the scale. Looks like an all around cool figure. He can go on ass-kicking adventures with The Avengers!

    • You know i thought the same thing.Since i lack a movie accurate Hawkeye figure,Willis here can be a stand in,easy.I also think Willis would have made a great Nick Fury,although Sam Jackson was cool too.

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