Captain America -U.S. Agent

My first recollection of U.S. Agent or black suit Captain America as i used to to call him as a kid,was back in ’88  or so in issues 339 and 341.These issues  left my head spinning because i had a hard time figuring out who  the real Captain America was.The fact that John Walker looked just like Steve Rogers made things doubly confusing.I didn’t know if it was Steve Rogers in the black suit or vice versa.And then Iron Man got involved and it went all “Jerry Springer” from there.Anyways,this figure’s been in my collection for a while now without getting his own post,so here it is.I must say that the cool vibe this and the Captain America  movie figure used to have has kind of worn off .I actually like the U.S. Agent figure better than C.A. but both have the annoying leg articulation,you guys should know what i mean.It bugs the crap out of me.He’s still a pretty cool figure despite not coming with the tradtional  black and red shield(again..not sure if that was U.S. Agents shield or The Captain’s shield….ugh..forget it)










6 responses to “Captain America -U.S. Agent

  1. I have this one too. I never read Captain America during this time. I just saw him as they trying to do something different with Cap. I still am looking for a regular Cap.

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